Where California's laid-back beach vibes meet premium coastal living.

Welcome to Ventura

Discover the allure of Ventura, the gem of California's coastline that offers the quintessential beach town experience without the heavy price tag found in neighboring coastal communities. With its relaxed ambiance, Ventura resonates with the souls of surfers, artists, and families alike.


What to Love

  • Stunning natural landscapes
  • Gateway to the Channel Islands, Santa Barbara, Ojai, and the renowned wine country of the Central Coast
  • A perfect blend of beaches, mountains, and outdoor activities
  • Sunny, mild climate all year
  • Family-friendly with top-notch parks, schools and extracurriculars

Local Lifestyle

Ventura's allure lies in its splendid natural beauty and the plethora of outdoor activities it offers. From sunbathing on beaches to hiking and biking amidst majestic foothills and canyons, there's never a dull moment here. The city's prime location serves as a launchpad to nearby iconic destinations like Malibu, Ojai, and Santa Barbara, promising endless adventures. Renowned surf breaks beckon surfers from near and far, while families find solace in the promise of great education and the warmth of a tight-knit community.


Dining and Entertainment

Ventura's vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene cater to all, from those seeking a quiet evening to those ready to dance the night away. With an array of restaurants, bars, theaters, and live music venues, there's always something happening in the heart of the city.


For a taste of the town's cultural side, visit the bustling Downtown and the iconic Main Street, now only accessible to pedestrians. Both offer a mix of historic charm, boutique shopping, and culinary delights, ensuring there's something for everyone.


Things to Do

The annual Ventura County Fair is an event that brings the community together in celebration. From carnival rides to local arts and crafts, it promises fun for all ages. Dive deeper into Ventura's maritime charm at the Ventura Harbor, a perfect spot for boat rides, seafood dining, and stunning sunset views.


For those who find solace in nature, Grant Park, the Ventura Botanical Garden, and Harmon Canyon offer serene landscapes and picturesque views of the city. Adventure enthusiasts shouldn't miss events like The Throw Down and the C Street Surf Competition, while music lovers will revel in the vibes of the Surf Rodeo.


Ventura also boasts of being the birthplace of several iconic brands such as Patagonia and The Trade Desk. Both are respected global giants today and were founded and headquartered in this very city.

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